Using eLinda to Explore our Data

eLinda is a graphic user interface for linked open data that enables exploration, query and download. It was developed at The Technion Data & Knowledge Lab. Making our data accessible was made possible thanks to the collaboration with  Dr. Oren Mishali and Segev Tsur, whom we thank for their kind help and efforts. 

How to use it:

  • Enter this link: 
  • Select the class (person, book, place) in which you are interested by clicking the bar.
  • In the second panel that opens,  click ‘property data’ and lower the threshold to zero if necessary.
  • By clicking the bars, select the properties you would like to see, filter or export.
  • Chose the number of items you wish to get:

By clicking “Export” You can download data to a .csv file (to open in Excel or google sheets, or in other software). Alternatively, you can copy a sparql query which you can then paste in the sparql endpoint for other types of export formats and further manipulation. 

The screen recording below demonstrates a use of filters to query the book data for Incunabula books in the Hebrew script which were written in languages other than Hebrew: