Transkribus tutorial, the longer and safer version: register, download, install

This is a complementary version to the Transkribus tutorials you can find on Transkribus website both as a ‘how to’ guidelines and as a wiki. You can also read more about Transkribus there. My additions are based on the pitfalls some of DiJeSt interns and students experienced.


You register to Transkribus in this webpage, (top right, second button). I recommend not to use the gmail registration (but you can enter your gmail email in the regular email field).

Next to the regular and obligatory fields you have to fill, you will find “Orchid”. It is not an obligatory field, but if you are, or are planning to be, a publishing scholar, and especially, for example, if your name is Jacob Cohen, you should consider getting one: read more about Orchid here.
Up to a minute after registration you should find a confirmation-activation email in your inbox. You have to press the link in order to proceed further and log into transkribus for the next stage.

From now on, you should remember:

  • your user name for log in is the email you registered with!
  • remember your password! (or let your computer remember it for you).

Download and install

Log in to and download the package. Wait a couple of minutes until it is fully downloaded.

Before running transkribus, you will probably need to download and install Java 8 on your computer. Download the right version for your computer here: If you are not sure whether your operating system has a 64 or 32 bit cpu (in most cases it will be 64), see here. If you think you may already have Java 8, you can check here.

The Transkribus package you downloaded is a zip folder that you will need to extract (in some computers a double click will do it, in others, you have to right click and chose an extracting program). You can only start the installation when the folder is fully extracted. Mac users: move the downloaded package to your applications folder.

Find the extracted folder on your computer and inside it look for the executable file:

  • Windows: Transkribus.bat or use Transkribus.exe
  • Mac OS – Apple: Transkribus.command
  • Linux:

When you double click it, you might receive a warning message. if you do, you need to:
[on windows] – go to “More Information” in the warning window. There you can agree that this is not malware and that you want to run Transkribus on your computer.
[on mac] – right-click (or control-click) the application and choose “Open”. In the appearing dialog box, click “Open” again!

-continue to “Working with Transkribus”

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