The DiJeSt team

DiJeSt was initiated and led by Dr. Sinai Rusinek, at Haifa University. The following team members (listed alphabetically) contributed by transcribing, analyzing, transliterating, programming and assembling. Their individual contributions are documented in each of the products.

  • Dr. Lilach Assaf-Mølbach
  • Adir Gupta
  • Raphi Halff
  • Michel Jalfon
  • Dr. Yael Netzer
  • Dr. Kepa J. Rodriguez
  • R.Matan Stein
  • Nadia Serba Ammuna
  • Marta Sheety
  • Dmitry Toperman

Dr. Oren Mishali from the Technion collaborated on the DiJeSt knowledge base; Beni Sorkin voluntarily transcribed hundreds of Yiddish pages.  Prof. Menachem Ben Sasson, Prof. Dov Hacohen, Dr. Tamir Karkasson, Dr. Lilach Nethanel and Dr. Gil Weissblei gave their valuable expert advice at different stages of the work. They deserve much credit, yet none of the responsibility for any errors and choices made in this project.

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